About Us

Why we started

Like most people in Hong Kong, we lived and worked in an urban jungle, and had become too busy to appreciate the simple things in life. We didn’t see much nature and thought we would remedy that by having flowers at home more often.
However, we didn’t have time to buy flowers, could never make our arrangements look as good as we pictured them, and our vases would be too big or too small. We tried florists, but the ones that made pretty arrangements also charged a pretty penny. Our local supermarket only had wilted, uninspired offerings.


When we talked to the people around us, it became apparent that there was a real need for a weekly flower delivery service at affordable prices. So we started Pacific Petals with the aim of bringing a bit of much-needed nature into people’s busy lives in an easy way at extraordinary prices.


What we do

Pacific Petals is Hong Kong’s flower specialist, delivering designer flowers across Hong Kong. We source unique flowers from around the world, create elegant and contemporary floral arrangements, and deliver them at an amazing price.


We deliver weekly flowers on a subscription basis and one-time flower bouquets for special occasions, and do floral design for events and weddings.


We also work with corporate clients on flowers for the office, gifts, and events. Our clients include international luxury brands and blue-chip corporations.


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