Frequently Asked Questions


What does Pacific Petals do?

We are a subscription-based flower company that delivers luxury flower arrangements on a regular basis to homes and offices across Hong Kong. Sourcing gorgeous, unique flowers from growers around the world, create elegant and modern arrangements, and deliver them at an amazing price.


We also deliver one-time gifts for special occasions and work with corporate clients on custom flowers for the workplace, gifts, and events.


Our aim is to bring a bit of much-needed nature into people’s busy lives.


What are the different collections?

Our customers want to put flowers in different places – from entryways to nooks, coffee tables to office desks. So we created subscriptions for different sizes of arrangements. Choose the size(s) that you want and your arrangements will all be sized to fit in the vase. A Tahiti would look great in an entryway or reception table. A Hawaii would be perfect on a dining table, coffee table or office desk, while a Bali would be ideal for a bedside table, side table or a smaller office desk. We also have a Fiji collection for nooks, (available only to subscribers).


How does it work?

You subscribe by choosing the collection (Tahiti, Hawaii, Bali), the number of times that you want flowers delivered (4, 12, or 52), and the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). The first delivery comes pre-arranged in a vase. Subsequent arrangements are hand-tied and sized to fit into that vase. When you receive the flowers, all you have to do is replace the old flowers with the new ones, and ENJOY!.


How big is each arrangement?

A Tahiti arrangement measures approximately 60 cm (h) x 30 cm (w).

A Hawaii is approximately 22 cm (h) x 22 cm (w).

A Bali measures approximately 30 cm (h) x 15 cm (w) x 8 cm (d).

A Fiji is approximately 14 cm (h) x 10 cm (w).

The size will vary from week to week depending on the flowers and the design.


Why are the prices so unbelievably good?

Unlike a traditional florist, we focus primarily on flower subscriptions. We only order the flowers needed to fulfill our orders so there is no wastage. We pass on these cost savings to our customers. Our subscription prices include FREE delivery and a FREE vase.


How do I subscribe?

It’s easy – you can subscribe here.