Frequently Asked Questions


Where do your flowers come from?

We source the most in-season flowers from around the globe, including the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. With our global network of suppliers, we ensure that our flowers are of the highest quality.


What flowers do you use in the arrangements?

Every week, we surprise you with different flowers. It may be vibrant tulips from the Netherlands, fragrant Columbian roses or exotic South African protea. We always try to find something gorgeous and unique for our arrangements, flowers that you will never see in your local supermarket.


Can I choose my own flowers?

Unfortunately, not yet. We are working on a system that would allow customers to have input. But don’t worry – we choose the most amazing, seasonal blooms to include in our arrangements.


How should I care for the flowers?

Our flowers are incredibly fresh and will normally last 4-5 days and probably longer, in the vase, although this varies by variety. It is important that the water is changed every 2-3 days. The flowers should also be placed away from heat sources or draughts. We include flower food with all our cut flower arrangements.