Pacific Petals delivers the beauty of nature to you with our weekly flower service. Because we source the freshest, most in season flowers, each week’s delivery is a surprise.


The gallery below showcases some of the arrangements that our world-class floral team has previously created. Tahiti arrangements measure approximately 60 cm (h) x 30 cm (w).


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Calla Lily and Hydrangea Calla Lily, Hydrangea and Typha Allium, Hydrangea and Matthiola Calla Lily, Vanda Orchids and Protea
Cymbidium, Hydrangea and Setaria Brassica and Ilex Calla Lily and Hydrangea Hydrangea and Anigozanthos
Calla Lily and Renanthera Orchid Hydrangea, Calla Lily and Gossypium Hydrangea, Calla Lily and Gentiana Hydrangea, Calla Lily and Setaria
Delphinium and Hydrangea Sun Flower, Hydrangea and Calla Lily Allium and Hydrangea Strelitzia, Gerbera and Anthurium
Phalaenopsis and Leucadendron Cymbidium and Hydrangea Protea, Chelone and Agapanthus Antirrhinum, Leucadendron and Hydrangea
Heliconia wrapped with philodendron Roses and liatris set against philodendron Guzmania, spray roses, and echinacea framed with asplenium Amaryllis and hydrangea with philodendron backdrop
Ornithogalum thyrsoides and galax accented with philodendron Peonies and vanda orchids with salal leaves Calla lilies, lilac and lotus pods adorned with lily grass and salal leaves Ornithogalum arabicum and hydrangea arranged with pittosporum
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